Grant Lawson

Grant Lawson

Attorney at Law / Founder
Personal Injury attorney Grant H. Lawson had a vision of creating a law firm committed to helping those who’ve been injured and wronged, which could fight for victim’s rights and take on wrongdoers, corporations and insurance companies. Grant envisioned a place where victims of severe catastrophic personal injuries and their families could go to find courage, strength and justice in their time of need. He wanted a firm that blended his fierce advocacy and trial skills with the latest innovative technology and cutting edge science to tell clients’ stories to a judge and jury.


I was born Montana and grew up in Wyoming.  I grew up in the Rocky Mountains, learning to love and cherish the outdoors.  Flyfishing, mountain biking, snowboarding, backpacking, hunting, trail running, motorcycle riding, riding horses, camping, and spending time in the outdoors with family and friends shaped my life and my passion for the outdoors. After graduating high school I attended the University of Wyoming to achieve a degree in Rangeland Ecology and Watershed Management, and a Minor in Environment and Natural Resources.  During my time in undergrad I bartended on nights and weekends and I taught snowboarding lessons as a professional snowboard instructor.  During my summers in college, I worked as a wild-land firefighter, traveling the western United States on a hotshot crew.  I continued on as a firefighter after graduating, working as a sawyer and squad-boss.  Wildland firefighting taught me about intensely hard work and gave me an appreciation for a hard day’s pay.  Sometimes we were forced to work up to 18 days straight in the rugged and remote mountainous country, where I packed a heavy chainsaw up and down those mountains to cut fire line in the fight against raging forest fires.  The conditions were sometimes brutal, dangerous and often we wouldn’t get to speak to family and friends for days and sometimes weeks.  It was during this period in my life I learned the definition of “hard work” and most importantly how to be dependable to others whose lives and safety depended on it.  Firefighting taught me major life lessons on hard work, dependability, trust, credibility, and accountability.  And those lessons carried on with me through law school and into my practice as an attorney.



During the first ten years of my practice, I worked for the greatest trial lawyer in American History; Gerry Spence and his law firm The Spence Law Firm.  In 2006, I was hired by Gerry Spence’s firm while still in law school. From that start through 2016, I worked extremely hard to become an exceptional trial lawyer and known as a fierce advocate for my clients.  In 2013, I was acknowledged as one of the Top 40 Lawyers under the age of 40 years old.  During my years with the Spence Law Firm, I had the privilege of being trained and shaped by the best trial lawyers in the country.  In 2010, I graduated from Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyer’s College located on the beautiful Thunderhead Ranch outside of Dubois, Wyoming.  Each year I return to the Trial Lawyers College to work with some of the brightest minds and greatest lawyers in all of America.
Over the past decade I had the privilege of representing remarkable and wonderful people. There are numerous stories of great people whose lives were destroyed as a result of other’s bad decisions and failures to be accountable and responsible.  I have been exceptionally blessed over the last decade of practice to fight and work hard for people and families who’ve been wronged around the United States.  From oilfield and gas field drilling and pipeline accidents, trucking, motorcycle and vehicular accidents, civil rights, products liability, workplace accidents, unsafe premises conditions, nursing home malfeasance, medical malpractice, black mold and toxic torts, defamation – libel and slander, and numerous other catastrophic personal injury cases and wrongful death tragedies – I have built my career on helping and fighting for those who have been injured and families of those wrongfully killed due to the fault of others.
If you speak with my past clients, you’ll learn that my representation goes beyond the typical attorney-client relationship. At my firm, clients become family.  I care deeply for those that I have the privilege to represent and I fight tirelessly to achieve the level of justice that is required to right the wrongs they have suffered. When it comes to your legal fate, choose someone with the strength, courage and dedication necessary to achieve the justice and results you deserve.


When I am not spending time fighting for my clients, I spend as much time as I can with my beautiful wife and darling son in Wyoming where we live in the clean mountain air.  I race mountain bikes competitively, have a golden retriever and office mascot named Huckleberry that I love dearly, and I fly fish the streams of Wyoming.  If you are looking for an attorney that becomes more than just someone to give you five minutes on the phone every so often, I encourage you to take a hard look at my firm and me and to get to know me. If you’re looking for someone’s hands to put the fate of your legal future or the future of your loved ones in, I hope that I am at the person and my firm is firm you can put that trust in.  I take this responsibility as serious as my family’s future, because at Lawson Law, my clients become family.


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