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Here at Lawson Law, we are dedicated to fighting for your family and future.
Grant Lawson
Attorney at Law / Founder
Anita Schroeder
Why Our Firm is Right for You

Courage, Strength and Dedication. Courage to stand up to the biggest of adversaries; Strength which stems from unmatched experience and an undying tenacity to fight as hard and as long as it takes to win; Dedication to achieving justice for those who’ve been wronged and injured and the purpose of achieving good on this earth. At Lawson Law, clients become family and the fight becomes personal. You won’t be just another name and number in a law firm case log. Take the time to decide whether you are looking for a law firm spending gobs of money on advertising and marketing to give an appearance of success, or looking for a trial lawyer who will treat your case like it’s the most important case he’s ever had and fight for the best outcome possible.