Nursing Home Negligence and Elder Abuse 

One of the most difficult decisions a person can make is the decision to place his or her loved one in a nursing home. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect and abuse in nursing homes happens far too often. Nursing homes and assisted care facilities are usually private institutions that provide care for the sick and elderly; they provide shelter, meals and in some cases medical care.  As the number of occupants in nursing homes rises, so will the number of nursing home complaints.

Signs of abuse and neglect can be:

  • Unusual bruising or bleeding or orthopedic injuries
  • Open wounds, sores or cuts
  • Burns and abrasions
  • Sudden and unexplained change in weight
  • Soiling, poor hygiene, smell of urine or feces
  • Infections
  • Hair loss
  • Torn, stained or bloody clothing or bedding

Other less obvious signs include:

  • Listlessness or unresponsiveness
  • Infantile or other strange behaviors
  • Physical or emotional withdrawal
  • Disappearance of personal items
  • Sudden and unusual financial transactions

Nursing home abuse has many forms, each damaging emotionally, physically or financially. Physical abuse can encompass a wide range of behavior including forced restraint (mechanical or chemical), sexual assault, rape or outright bodily harm such as bruises, broken bones or even death. Physical abuse from another nursing home patient or occupant should never occur and the nursing home is responsible for failing to prevent occupant on occupant abuse and violence.  Additionally, emotional abuse may include insults, humiliation, threats and attempts to frighten the resident. In addition, emotional abuse can occur when nursing home employees ignore or isolate a resident against their will, or when nursing home employees fail to stop a bully occupant. Neglect can consist of withholding food, water or medication as well as failure to change bedding or take care of basic hygiene needs.

At Lawson Law, we will fight against nursing homes and assisted living facilities when they fail to protect the frailest among us.  We fight to bring abusive and neglectful assisted living and nursing home facilities to justice. If the unthinkable happens and you or a loved one is subject to nursing home neglect or abuse, call Lawson Law.

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