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``For Your Future, For Your Family, Choose the Strength and Experience of Lawson Law to Help You Fight for Justice”


To fight for people who have been wronged, who need help and to achieve equality and justice for those who deserve it.  We fight to ensure that negligent and reprehensible corporations and individuals are held accountable for their actions.  In turn we strive to change peoples’ lives for the better, fight to make our communities safer and level the playing field for all.  One client at a time.  No cheap settlements and no sellouts.  Fight hard, fight relentlessly, and fight for what’s right in an ethical and zealous manner.

About Lawson Law



Personal Injury attorney Grant H. Lawson had a vision of creating a law firm committed to helping those who’ve been injured and wronged, which could fight for victim’s rights, taking on wrongdoers, corporations and insurance companies. Grant envisioned a place where victims of severe catastrophic personal injury and their families could go to find courage, strength and justice in their time of need. Grant wanted a firm that blended tough trial work with the latest innovative technology to tell their clients’ stories to a judge and jury.


Catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths caused by others have long-term effects that can add unfair hurdles and impediments to surviving and succeeding. You and your family may find that you have reduced or no income as well as mounting and ongoing medical bills and other expenses. You need a law firm with the experience and strength necessary to obtain the compensation required to overcome the hurdles you’re facing and to secure the future. Lawson Law, LLC is experienced in the range of practice areas including oil and gas field accidents, industrial accidents, unsafe and defective products, traumatic brain injuries, trucking and other vehicular accidents, spinal cord injuries and paralysis, injuries to children and the elderly, premises liability, civil rights violations, defamation, and other personal injury and wrongful death matters

Lawson Law, LLC is devoted to serving their clients while also contributing to the greater good. Founder Grant H. Lawson has a strong commitment to his community and supports numerous charitable groups and causes through donations, fundraising and awareness efforts.


Our mission is to tell your story, to protect your rights and to get you the justice and payment you deserve. We will take the time necessary to answer all your questions, keep you updated on your case and help you achieve a higher quality of life after your injury. If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury caused by the intentional or negligent acts of another, contact Lawson Law, LLC and rely on our courage, strength and dedication to fight for your Justice.


The firm is based in Wyoming and founder Grant H. Lawson has experience practicing across the United States.  Grant H. Lawson has extensive nationwide connections due to his executive committee membership in the American Association for Justice, serving as a Board Member of the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association and as the Wyoming State Delegate to the American Association for Justice.  Additionally, Grant H. Lawson is a Graduate and contributing member of Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College where he spends time learning and teaching with the nations best trial lawyers.  Lawson Law is geared to provide legal representation and serve as trial counsel in every state in the U.S., please give us a call for a free consultation to see if we can help and fight for you.

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